Our workflows and guiding principles are the foundation for our services, and yet they are not always apparent to our customers. This overview will provide you with some insight into our quality principles. We would also be happy to answer any of your questions personally.


Our guiding principles are transparency, accountability and the pursuit of perfect quality. At Scriptor, we began to document our internal workflows back in 1996. The documentation has expanded beyond its initial focus on our core functions to become a comprehensive quality manual.


Our quality manual specifies all requirements and workflows that contribute to the authoring and translation processes. The aim is to standardize and streamline our processes. A specific process sequence has been defined and documented for every type of service, documentation (including online help systems) and software that we use.


The quality manual also supports our employee training programs and it facilitates the process of transferring tasks internally to other Scriptor employees.


With the help of our specific acceptance/release workflows, our secure project archival processes, and our documented quality control measures, we are able to respond positively and precisely to all of our customer's needs. It is this quality manual which enables our precision and reliability.


We also hold regular meetings to go over our achieved targets and our potential areas of improvement. Rather than simply a bothersome chore, this quality manual is a continual internal process of improvement.


We welcome involvement and feedback from our customers in support of this work process. Our policy of informing customers openly is based on our belief that transparency leads to trust. And it is this trust that forms the ideal foundation for customer cooperation.