Mission Code

The Company
Scriptor specializes in providing technical communication services - including the creation and translation of documentation - to small and mid-sized firms.
We are committed to helping users operate products smoothly and properly. And we are dedicated to improving the way products are understood.
We are active both domestically and internationally.
Based on our commitment to acting in a socially responsible manner, we maintain steadfast compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards.
Our success is built on our top-quality service and our absolute confidentiality.
We value long-term, confident partnerships with our customer, partners and suppliers.

The Customer
Our service revolves around the customer. The key indicator of our service quality is customer satisfaction, since our customers make up all that we are.
We strive to foster a personal relationship with our customers. This close contact enables us to best understand our customers' organization and their requirements. We encourage long-term, stable, stimulating relationships with our customers which are mutually beneficial.
Our goal is to provide consulting and implementation services which help to take the load off our customers. To meet this goal we must recognize that these service requirements are constantly changing. We must also seek to create and successfully implement long-term customized solutions.
Our customers are entitled to a well-informed contact person. We strive to always be there for our customers and to grow with their requirements.
We therefore value customer reviews of our services. Such appraisals are important tools for helping us to continually improve.

The Team / Employees
We prize our employees and value their diverse skill sets. We see ourselves as a team where trust, appreciation, openness and cooperation form the basis for our daily interactions. We are working together towards one goal - the satisfaction of our customers. As a team, we strive to always do our best.
We support the technical and personal development of our employees. Our flexible working schedules are intended to reconcile the needs of both work and family life.
Safe, ergonomic working conditions and working spaces are a high priority for us, as are the health and motivation of our employees.
We actively challenge - in mutual discourse - our clearly defined services and workflows. This is a basis for our internal, participatory process of improvement. Nothing is more constant than change - because we all believe that there will always be potential for improvement.


Bielefeld, July 2009
Heike Hettwer
Executive Director